I'm the Worst Blogger Ever :(

by abby on Saturday, July 21, 2012

Oh my. Hello again, blogger world! I can't even say how sorry I am about the lack of posts I've done in the past two years :( Such an unbelievably long time has passed and I don't blame everyone for giving up on our poor blog. BUT here's to second chances and new beginnings! Big, big thanks also to Jona who didn't give up on me either - did you know I was going to come back eventually?

I shall start slow and leave my recap of the past two years for later :)

Today was a Saturday here in Oz and I was lucky enough to have a lovely catchup planned with a friend. Just a regular catchup would have been enough to make my day but a few extra special things happened that cranked up our feel good factor. First off, we drove to Parramatta in search for lunch and had those round-and-round-the parking-lot fiascos while trying to get a spot. After about our fifth time around, a nice lady waved us over to her carspot with a big smile on her face. Her hubby moved their car out of the spot and she turned around AND GAVE US HER PARKING TICKET! As in, her paid parking ticket with a few hours to spare! Yay! Nothing like free parking tickets to put smiles on anyone's face right :)

Lunch - we walked a few blocks down and saw a newly opened burger joint, Grilld. Lovely, proper juicy beef burgers grilled beautifully with amazing chips (yes this was abit naughty). But with our meal came a couple of beer bottle lids, since they had an in-store program where three jars for three different charities stood on a shelf. Each month the store donates $300 to the charity who's jar had the most beer bottle lids. How beautiful is that!

Lunch Dessert - another newly opened store was around the corner called WOWCOW. It turned out that today was their big opening day and all frogurts were $1! The store was covered in pink balloons, loud music pumping, a cow mascot face painting kids faces and real baby cows in a pen wearing pink hats - great atmosphere all in all.

Lunch Dessert Dessert - yes we had a very naughty day, we didn't stop with our frogurts. We headed over to San Churro, sat in a cozy little spot next to a window eating macarons, churros and drinking tea.

   Sweeten Thy Soul - San Churro Goodies

Yes, my soul was sweetened by the time we headed home - nothing like good times with good friends. Till next time, have a great weekend! xx

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