quick update on master bed

by jona on Saturday, April 17, 2010

before i blab on about the master bed, i would like to say a big congratulations to bernadette and khristian on the birth of their baby boy Alexander! well done guys!

more little people!! yay!! hehehe

on my last post, i mentioned something about doing white for most of the furniture. like most rooms in my house, i have changed my mind.. again.. and decided to just do dark and use white for accessories.

i have been looking everywhere online (because i am too lazy to go anywhere with max) for bedside tables that are atleast 70cm high, but could only find 67cm ones from ikea that is within my budget and also goes with the bed frame.

and dresser

the only negative thing about this is we would need my dad's van to get all these to the house and aaron now refuses to drive it as it is soooo unroadworthy!

feeling forced and desperate, i went out with max yesterday and drove along old geelong road and stopped at the first furniture shop i saw, sydney's furniture . there i spoke to one of the sales guys and told them my 'dilemma'.. they dont have any bedside tables that are 70cm high in the shop BUT they might be able to custom make it.. 'how much' i asked with no enthusiasm as i already knew this was going to break my bank.. but i was quite surprised when he told me his price.. no it wasn't my usual bargain find but knowing the average price everywhere else, i thought that was quite good seeing as i was going to get exactly what i wanted.. they can also custom make my dresser!

SO! i'm thinking this design for both bedside and dresser

i should be getting a call tomorrow from them with a quote.. fingers crossed it is within the budget!!

till then mateys! xx

hopped back on the diy wagon :)

by jona on Wednesday, April 14, 2010

g'day everyone!

apologies for taking awhile to blog again. been quite chaotic in my household, with the new addition to the family:

max aaron

max is 9 weeks old and a very alert baby! he's a good sleeper at night so i can't complain there.. but he's so alert, he refuses to sleep during the day.. making it quite hard for mummy to do anything!

so in between the feeding and trying to get this lil guy to sleep, i shall endeavour to finish the master bed.

not sure if you guys remember but we upgraded from queen to king a couple of months back.

here's a before pic of our old bed, quite horrendous i know lol.. also, apologies for the mess.. have no idea why i didn't bother tidying up.

and here are the after pics:

and here's the rest of the room:

as you can see, max have set up shop on this side of the room. i guess until he does atleast 5 hours sleep this will be known as his side.. who am i kidding, the whole room is max's room!

the doors on either sides are our built in robes and our ensuite behind the door facing us. i would luv to get rid of these robes making way for a bigger ensuite and use max's room (which is located next door behind where our dressing table is) as a walk in wardrobe. ah to dream!

so back to reality! i'm not even sure if this is going to work but i'm thinking white for most furniture....

i've tried looking for inspiration on the net but only found a few:

fingers crossed it'll work for me! :)

so over the next couple of days.. or weeks lol.. i'm going to paint the bedside tables and the dresser white (taking out the mirror bit, which hopefully is do-able).. and see how that pans out :)

so stay tuned! :D

till then mateys! xx

The Frame Collection

by abby on Saturday, April 10, 2010

You may remember me sharing about the golden ornate frames that I painted white last year. Recently Jona asked me about whatever happened to them so I thought I'd share the finished pieces along with my growing frame collection.

You'll have to excuse the lighting, it's been a pretty cloudy Saturday morning down here!

Nothing like a fresh coat of white paint to make things look new! If you are wondering why these frames are lying on our coffee table instead of hanging up on a wall.. you'll find out all about that in a moment. Meanwhile these beautiful ones came home with me after a recent trip to the Salvos:

I love the look of the ornate frames! I know gold is abit old school but they do have a certain aged look about them already. So I am still trying to decide whether or not to paint these or not. I know that the prints will be updated though so still trying to find them. The little oval frame is cute, only 50cents! I wish I found a larger one though.

And the following two frames were collected on another treasure hunt in a local homewares store:

Confession time: even though I have been steadily building up my frame collection, there is actually only ONE item hung up on a wall in our entire house - a beautiful clock given to me by my mother in law. This is because I'm abit hesitant to hang anything up - it seems too permanent once it's up there! What if it's crooked?What if it would look better on another wall? What if the hanging glue starts making a sticky mark on the walls? Hmmm.. I'm sure I'll get over this fear one day. In the mean time I hope you enjoyed seeing the frames and if you have any tips on how to hang frames up properly please let me know :)

Have a great weekend!

Serious Eye Candy

by abby on Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lately I've been randomly window shopping around Etsy, particularly for new cushion covers. Thanks to the awesome rise of the Aussie dollar shopping online has never been SO MUCH FUN!! Or window shopping anyway.

Check out these beautiful rustic cushion covers from Marley & Lockyer's Etsy Shop

So beautiful! I LOVE the rustic look of canvas with classic french images. I noticed that the seller was from Tasmania so I decided to check out her blog. Her blog is full of images that will definitely inspire your diy home projects so you should definitely check it out.

THEN I found an entry of hers introducing another blog full of images that got my heart racing....

It's given me the exact inspiration for my hutch! Yes I confess I've had my unpainted hutch sitting in our dining room for months just begging for a paint job. I realise now that part of the reason I've held off painting it for so long was because I wasn't sure how to sit in in the middle of a blank wall. Just the bit of direction I needed to motivate my lazy self. Hoping for a beautiful sunny weekend coming up so I can get started!

By the way the beautiful kitchen above belongs to Stina, so check out her blog to see the rest of her gorgeous home!

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