The Hutch Affair

by Rustic Pieces on Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It all began one day early this winter when we stopped off at Berry. I love Berry! Maybe because I don't get to see it as much since it's about 2 and a half hours south from Sydney. Berry is a beautiful authentic country town with a good old-fashioned style main strip filled with vintage cafes, an ice cream parlour, awesome pubs AND of course tons of country homeware shops!

So there we were just shopping around when I saw the most beautiful white hutch used as a display stand for odd bits and pieces. It was similar to this hutch here:

Beautiful and the perfect size! Not too large or deep with nice open shelves so that you can see the detail of the different wooden boards. Unfortunately it was priced at $800, so adding delivery cost would be around $900. So after failing to convince Rain that this was one of those investment pieces that would last forever and would be something that we would never ever regret or need to buy again, we left it behind.

A few months later while ebaying at random I came across the white hutch in the picture above for $355! I knew then that it was definitely a sign! But Rain was still not convinced and after another round of nagging I let that one go too. It turns out though that agreeing with him actually paid off, because a few days later I saw and won this on ebay for $70!!

Who could say no to that? It's exactly the same!! I soo can't wait to have it in my garage ready to be painted! It will have to wait until next week since we'll need all the room in our garage for our house warming BBQ this weekend. I'll definitely do an update once it's been through my paintshop. Other pieces that are on my to-do list are my dining set (which should be finished by tomorrow YAY!), a giant bookshelf from thanks to another great ebay sale and the refurbishing of my old frames (yes, jona still not done, not happy jan!). I'll also need to find or get a new USB cord for my camera so I can actually have more pics to put on show.

Anyhoo that's all for now, I'll be back after the BBQ with more updates!

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