Overdue Updates

by Rustic Pieces on Saturday, November 21, 2009

Holiday fever has definitely hit me hard and I'm having way too much trouble focusing on what I should be doing! This will have to be a VERY short quick update since I'm about to head off and watch NEW MOON!!! (HELLO TWILIGHT FANS!!)

Our very first Christmas tree was a steal I found last December at the end of year Christmas sales. From $210 down to $20 at KMart! You can't go past a bargain like that! I'm planning to hit the after Christmas sales again to stock up on new decos for next year, I'd love to have a Tiffany blue / silver theme instead of gold which are well loved hand me down ornaments from my parents.

Finally as promised I managed to get pics of the finished dining table. So here is the before picture, just a normal wooden dining table that had been in my family for over 10 years. Still in beautiful shape, just a few scratches and the wrong colour.

Here is a picture of my "workshop". Chairs with just prep coats of primer but they already started to look much better!

And finally the finished product is ready:

That's it for now, hope you enjoyed the pics! Sorry I have to run but I'll post up more soooon.

Have an awesome weekend!

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