nursery - part 1.1 - quick update

by jona on Monday, December 28, 2009

on my last post i mentioned something about hoping to get the nursery done before 2009 ends.. so on sunday, i dragged hubby to baby cuddles, hoping to pay off and pick up our layby.. we get there and they're closed.. what's worse, they are not open until the 4th of jan!! u can imagine my utter disappointment!

i was so determined to get the nursery out of the way this year that i even went and looked for a different cot.. but hubby is set on getting what's on layby.. which i'm glad he is as i would have probably regretted buying a different one.

so the following are the furniture that are definitely going in the nursery:

1. old rocking chair stained in black
2. ikea dalom pedestal table
3. ikea aneboda chest of 3 drawers - front drawer covered in some damask wallpaper or fabric.. like this
4. bootiq annabelle walnut cot

i am hoping to go to ikea tomorrow and purchase 2 & 3 and a desk for the study.. fingers crossed though, everytime i make plans to go to ikea it never happens :(

nehoo thas all for now

till then!

ps. hope you had a wonderful christmas! xx

nursery - part I - painting done!

by jona on Sunday, December 20, 2009

i just can't believe the day has finally come and i am super ecstatic to announce that... nursery is finally painted!! hubby and i decided to tackle it in one day! fair effort huh? hehe even though painting was the last thing i wanted to do that day.. luckily, hubby was determined :)

i can finally cross that one off my to do list, after having it on there for atleast a month!!

so here's a before photo.. sorry only took 1 :/

so far we only have cot to go in there.. which is still to be picked up from baby cuddles.

a rocking chair.. stained in black or painted in white.. haven't decided yet..

and maybe floor lamp from the dining room....

so i've been scouring around for some inspiration and found these

i'm also thinking of having a tree decal in the corner of the room like this

but can't decide on what design.. i quite like these ones

and/or maybe have wall art like this.. but not as big

i'm hoping to finish the nursery before 2010 comes.. i have 11 days! i have a feeling i may be biting off more than i can chew though :/ as i've noticed i have been feeling tired quicker now :(
lucky tho maternity leave for me has already started so i have more time to chill as well as my runnin around :)

till then!

living area - part 1.1: recliner dilemma

by jona on Thursday, December 17, 2009

so i thought i'd share with you my recliner dilemma as im sure my home living buddies are sick to death of me talking about the same thing! lol

below is a photo of one of our current recliners (the other one is identical except has more patches)

i did the patching myself :) pretty aren't they? haha
i patched them 3 years ago and as you can see, more and bigger ones have appeared :(

the other night, the newly fixed recliner broke again and was going to buy the ektorp muren on the weekend.

which would've ended the 'recliner saga' but my car decides to play up and will probably cost me 1500 to fix!! grrrrrrrrrr

today i dropped the car off to get a full service hoping it would fix it.. its a little better but it still takes awhile to kick off to the next gear.. we suspect gearbox is on its way to retiring so would probably need to get it replaced definitely by next month or so..

with christmas just around the corner and the baby coming, it decides to play up.. why car? why??

so anyways, i might have to postpone buying the recliners :( and bought these blankets last night to cover them up

oh and i know i mentioned on my other post that i was going to make slip covers.. but they are way too complicated for a newbie like me :(
i sewed them the other night and couldn't slip em on :/ yes i know, i need a stretchy material.. i didn't think of it when i bought my fabric.. all i was thinking was oooooh $5 a metre! :/

i've also rang upholstery places and they've quoted me ridiculous prices.. cheapest i got was $500!!!

i have seriously ran out of ideas on how to revamp the tired lookin recliners and is seriously going insane! last nite i had a dream about recliners... i mean who has dreams about recliners?

fingers crossed santa buys em for me.. haha!

till then! xx

Free Labels & Templates!

by abby on Tuesday, December 15, 2009

With Christmas around the corner (OMG next week!!!) I'm know I'm not the only one going for DIY presents this year. I've always had a thing for beautiful packaging and tags so finding these free templates from Martha made my afternoon. Can't wait to make up brand new tags for the sugar and flour bowls!

I've decided to hold off on all my refurbishing plans till after the holidays with all the last minute shopping (I've just barely started), Christmas parties and baking of goodies as presents. Hopefully I'll be able to post the gift boxes once they are filled and ready to go.

Also Rain and I recently ran off to Queenstown in New Zealand to celebrate our first wedding anniversary :) We found the most AMAZING country that seriously took our breath away just by driving around the country side.

I was extra excited to find a rustic little french restaurant that sold yummy french patisserie.

Too bad I couldn't take a souvenir with me, these tea towels were actually $135NZ each!

The pic below was taken at sunset at 10pm.

Till next time!

living area - part 1

by jona on Saturday, December 12, 2009

so i've now moved on to the living area :)

here are a couple of quite horrifying before photos:

I've been doin lil changes here n there but its still not finished so I won't post any after pics as yet.

here are the changes so far:
- red curtains taken down, replaced by white roman blinds.. which i just bought curtains for to soften it abit

- tv mounted on chimney breast (this took a lot of nagging to get done.. haha)

- 2 x a metre high bookshelves (painted in black) beside chimney acting as dvd storage and to hold my buffet tables.. yep they finally have a home :)

- coffee table stained in dark dark brown

and upcoming changes:
- living room to be painted (same colour as dining, off white)

- hang frames as per abby's post white on white picture wall. thanks abz for the awesome inspiration! hehe

- attempt to create a loose cover for our two hand me down reclining chairs.

one actually broke recently and i was running around like a headless chook trying to find new ones that are cheap and matches my decor... yes i know asking too much!
because yet again, i didn't find any second hand ones or maybe i'm just impatient and want everything NOW lol

i nearly was going to spend 1200 on two (from either ikea or fantastic furniture).. these were actually the cheapest brand new ones i could find... my husband nearly died when i told him the cost

then one night (and dont ask why we didn't do this when it happened) we thought, hmm maybe we should see whats wrong with the recliner and maybe it can be fixed?

so we had a look and one of the springs broke from its handle.. restricting some mechanism that's in-charge of the actual reclining.. so we nailed the spring in and sure enough it was as good as new!

so fingers crossed on the loose covers! as this is going to be my first time.. just like the upholstery hehe

- maybe change the pendants.. but dining pendant is more important as there is nothing there at the moment.. only a lonely globe :/

and thas all, i think.... :)

till then!

dining room - part 2

by jona on Monday, November 30, 2009

so dining room is partly finished.. all that's missing is some sort of wall ornament for the wall, nice ceiling pendant and maybe a new runner

for the pendant i'm thinking something like this:

but seriously though, can a room really be finished? just something to ponder on.. hehe

anyway, for dining, i decided to go black for main furniture with a splash of whites and grays with a hint of brown.

here are some before and after shots:

- wine rack stained in black.. might be a tad too black tho...

- hall table painted in black and varnished (silly me bought matt black paint)

- dining chairs reupholstered

- also, as i was pulling down the old curtains in the nursery, i noticed the once were blue tie backs have faded quite nicely into silver.. and thought they might go well with my new white curtains in the dining :)

then i thought, hmmm not sure about the gold though.. what if i painted them white....

they are now hanging very happily in their new home :)

there are still a bit of faded blue here n there to it but i think it gives the tie back some sort of character

and without further ado.. my dining room :)

so far........ haha

will be posting on reupholstery steps soon

ciao for now!xox

White on White Picture Wall

by Rustic Pieces on Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Awhile ago I mentioned that I had frames that needed to be finished on my to do list. Here are the beautiful golden frames I inherited from Rain's aunt months ago:

Nice slightly ornate gold frames, just needed some white paint! Here it is after a few coats of paint:

So I finally managed to get pictures for them printed out and I thought all I needed to do was get some plain white cardboard for the background. It looked awful!! The school project cardboard look just didn't go. And then I found out today that there are proper mat boards for this kind of thing, NOT cardboard. So I will need to hunt around for a board that's cheap, abit off white in colour and the right size (38cm x 38cm).

In the meantime I thought I'd look around and see how white frames look on white walls. I'm worrying that it will look abit too white, but the ones I found look reeal good! I think I might also chuck in some darker coloured frames on the same wall but first gota finish these off. So fingers crossed I'll find my mat boards soon!



I know the last one isn't actually white on white but how good does it look!! I LOVE stripes, which I'm planning to do in one of our rooms and I love how a whole bunch of different shapes and sizes manage to match with each other.

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