nursery - part 1.1 - quick update

by jona on Monday, December 28, 2009

on my last post i mentioned something about hoping to get the nursery done before 2009 ends.. so on sunday, i dragged hubby to baby cuddles, hoping to pay off and pick up our layby.. we get there and they're closed.. what's worse, they are not open until the 4th of jan!! u can imagine my utter disappointment!

i was so determined to get the nursery out of the way this year that i even went and looked for a different cot.. but hubby is set on getting what's on layby.. which i'm glad he is as i would have probably regretted buying a different one.

so the following are the furniture that are definitely going in the nursery:

1. old rocking chair stained in black
2. ikea dalom pedestal table
3. ikea aneboda chest of 3 drawers - front drawer covered in some damask wallpaper or fabric.. like this
4. bootiq annabelle walnut cot

i am hoping to go to ikea tomorrow and purchase 2 & 3 and a desk for the study.. fingers crossed though, everytime i make plans to go to ikea it never happens :(

nehoo thas all for now

till then!

ps. hope you had a wonderful christmas! xx

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