The Frame Collection

by abby on Saturday, April 10, 2010

You may remember me sharing about the golden ornate frames that I painted white last year. Recently Jona asked me about whatever happened to them so I thought I'd share the finished pieces along with my growing frame collection.

You'll have to excuse the lighting, it's been a pretty cloudy Saturday morning down here!

Nothing like a fresh coat of white paint to make things look new! If you are wondering why these frames are lying on our coffee table instead of hanging up on a wall.. you'll find out all about that in a moment. Meanwhile these beautiful ones came home with me after a recent trip to the Salvos:

I love the look of the ornate frames! I know gold is abit old school but they do have a certain aged look about them already. So I am still trying to decide whether or not to paint these or not. I know that the prints will be updated though so still trying to find them. The little oval frame is cute, only 50cents! I wish I found a larger one though.

And the following two frames were collected on another treasure hunt in a local homewares store:

Confession time: even though I have been steadily building up my frame collection, there is actually only ONE item hung up on a wall in our entire house - a beautiful clock given to me by my mother in law. This is because I'm abit hesitant to hang anything up - it seems too permanent once it's up there! What if it's crooked?What if it would look better on another wall? What if the hanging glue starts making a sticky mark on the walls? Hmmm.. I'm sure I'll get over this fear one day. In the mean time I hope you enjoyed seeing the frames and if you have any tips on how to hang frames up properly please let me know :)

Have a great weekend!

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jona said...

lol you are hilarious
and you take great photos.. compared to mine.. u make my images look like they've been taken by a 10 year old (no offense to 10 year old kids)

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