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by abby on Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lately I've been randomly window shopping around Etsy, particularly for new cushion covers. Thanks to the awesome rise of the Aussie dollar shopping online has never been SO MUCH FUN!! Or window shopping anyway.

Check out these beautiful rustic cushion covers from Marley & Lockyer's Etsy Shop

So beautiful! I LOVE the rustic look of canvas with classic french images. I noticed that the seller was from Tasmania so I decided to check out her blog. Her blog is full of images that will definitely inspire your diy home projects so you should definitely check it out.

THEN I found an entry of hers introducing another blog full of images that got my heart racing....

It's given me the exact inspiration for my hutch! Yes I confess I've had my unpainted hutch sitting in our dining room for months just begging for a paint job. I realise now that part of the reason I've held off painting it for so long was because I wasn't sure how to sit in in the middle of a blank wall. Just the bit of direction I needed to motivate my lazy self. Hoping for a beautiful sunny weekend coming up so I can get started!

By the way the beautiful kitchen above belongs to Stina, so check out her blog to see the rest of her gorgeous home!

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