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by jona on Tuesday, February 2, 2010

so i've finally finished dressing up the nursery walls! yay!

also, we purchased a change table top that goes on the cot (when baby isn't in the cot of course) and made a cover for it.. i thought this giraffe print is just adorable!

this is just great specially when we dont have the space for an actual change table. Initially, I was going to use the aneboda drawers as a change table but it is just way too slim and i can just see baby falling off quite easily.

so without further ado.. the baby room:

i have no idea why the animal prints appear blurry, i have taken gazillion of the same ones and theyre all blurry. so here's an upclose:
FYI i did the lacing to cover some of the background that didn't get printed - a4 paper was obviously too small :/

i also made a little alphabet frame decal to go in between the windows as the wall looked quite bare:

you really gotta see this in person though, it looks way better.

then i thought, hmmm something's missing.. so i framed some of the extra giraffe fabric :)

and that's all folks! :)

next on list? have baby! lol

i will now be spending my days playing cake mania until max or sierra arrives :)

till then! xx

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VintageFokus said...

awwwww Jona! Great work with the nursery! I love LOVE it!

Will need to come around and check out in person ;) and visit you when bub comes along...not long now right?

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