nursery - done!

by jona on Wednesday, January 20, 2010

YAY!! nursery is finally done! well the big, main things anyway.. walls are still bare.. so i will be slowly dressing them up in the coming days/weeks.. depending on how i feel, which i hope is like today, very productive! it was like i just had a sudden burst of energy!

but for the mean time, i would like to show you some before and after photos :D

please note, not much diy'ing happened in this room.. only shelves and staining of rocking chair



and that's about it with the nursery.. its a tiny room but cozy .. dont u think? hehe

next on the list:

- master bed! but can the bed frame come any slower!? feels like i been waiting forever! 5 more weeks i think, boooo! meaning i'm going to have to tackle this when baby is around. all good though, i always love a challenge :)

- lounge room is slowly slowly coming into place, i just have to now hang my frames (which im hoping to do tomorrow!) and paint, but hubby stretched a tendon in his shoulder so painting is postponed until further notice :(

i am hoping to post updates on the lounge quite soon.. so stay tuned! :)

till then! xx

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VintageFokus said...

Gorgeous Jona! Well done, you got it done in time. I love it...simple, no clutter, fresh and clean...will be over with my little bub soon :)

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