im just so excited that i just have to share this!

by jona on Thursday, January 14, 2010

but first and foremost.. i hope you all had a blissful Christmas and a fun and exciting new year! xx
have we broken any of our new years resolutions yet? lol just teasin!
i dont have any this year.. i have been either too busy nesting.. or just resting haha

anyway, before i get sidetracked!

the news is!!...

cot is coming a week early!! YAY!

i get a call from baby cuddles today, informing me that cot is on the way and it'll come either tomorrow or Monday! YAY!!! which means i finally get to finish nursery!! YAY!

i just can't believe its a week early!! so it should be, right? i should've had it on the 4th!! but anyways, whats done is done.

also, more exciting news! hubby and i have been looking for a new bed since we found out we been sleeping on a double! we thought it was a queen! (i know, right? how did we manage that!?) i mean, our queen sheets not fitting properly should've given us a clue, you'd think...

so a couple of weeks ago, i dragged hubby to go look for a king bed.. we found a chiropractic mattress for a grand.. bargain right? and this beautiful king frame.. both $1800 in total.. i didn't realise it was going to be that much!! yikes! but its an investment i guess..

and then after i got a call from baby cuddles, i get a call from the bed place saying that our bed is ready to be delivered!! whoohoo! BUT frame will take around 4 - 6 weeks :( - theyre going to loan us a base while we wait.
its ok though.. as long as were out of that squashy, uncomfortable double bed!

what kind of frame are we getting? u ask
i've actually been googling a similar one but can't seem to find any :(
so i'm going to try and describe it..
it's timber with walnut finish.. i customised it so the legs are 15cm higher (from 15cm) and the headboard to be extra 15cm higher also.. which would mean the headboard would gain a total of 30cm.. making it 150cm tall! that's nearly as tall as me! haha
i wanted a real dramatic look to it so hopefully 150 is enough.. it should be though

initially, i was going to try and make the headboard myself (upholstered) but it was going to cost me more and not to mention the time and effort!

since, we're getting a new bed with a new frame.. i'm gonna have to go look at new bedroom furniture too.. :/ haha jk.. they can wait.. although, the plan was to get everything with a budget of 2g.. but i went overboard :/

so fingers crossed, bargains aren't hard to find like they have been for the past two months! :(

anyhoo its nearly 12am and i still gotta play legends of zelda on ds lol

till then!

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