even more exciting news!

by jona on Saturday, January 16, 2010

i got both cot and king mattress today!! i know! it was an awesome day lol

so stay tuned for the nursery update.. should be up sometime on the weekend or early next week.

and just quickly, how expensive are king sheets!? and not to mention quilt covers??!! i have been looking non stop for nice quality yet not over priced sheets and quilt covers.. cheapest i found was $60.. for a 250 thread count.. that any good? sorry i'm clueless

any suggestions as to where to find affordable manchester please do tell!!

till then!

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abby said...

YAY congrats luv! those are major things that u can cross of your wish list!

mmm sorry i dont know much about manchester :S especially not king sheets. but in case u needed some, i just came back from aldis and they have nice woven door mat rugs for $9?

have a great weekend! x

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