quick update on master bed pt. 2

by jona on Sunday, July 25, 2010

howdy everyone!
first of all, apologies for the slackness.. it has been awhile since abby or i have posted anything. like everything else, i would have to blame this on the weather.. the cold not to mention the actual virus 'cold', haven't been helping me be motivated. also, i have found myself a new job :D hoorah! its only part time - two days a week, 5 hours a day.. at a graphics firm, which is my ultimate dream industry to work at.. i definitely couldn't have landed the job if it wasn't for my good friend melissa who has put in a good word to her boss :D
so in between taking care of my lil munchkin max and working and studying (yes, forgot to mention im also doing a course in graphics part time), this leaves little time with diy'ing :(

anyhoo! so i went ahead with sydney's as they have given me a very good price with my furniture but it also came with a headache as they have given the tables the wrong stain and wrong legs :( .. im willing to put up with the legs as it isn't that obvious but the stain i couldnt let go.. it was orange! :/
so i went in there again today to see the re-stained job.. its no where close to what i want it to be.. but its much better. I don't have the energy to convince them they need to redo the stain again so i would have to do the re-staining myself if needed :/ but hopefully once furniture is next to my bedhead it wont look too bad.

so finger's crossed people!

till then!

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