Autumn Country Market

by abby on Saturday, May 1, 2010

Can you guess how excited I was when I saw these banners!! I nearly fell out of the car (SERIOUSLY) in my hurry to see what kind of treasures were waiting for me. This little road trip to the beautiful towns up in the mountains (Leura and Wentworth Falls in particular) was done last Anzac Monday.

Couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the last day of the long weekend! Treasure hunting with autumn leaves everywhere along with much needed stop overs at cozy warm cafes, old fashioned candy stores, CHOCOLATE bars... ahhh the life!

But I guess you really can't please EVERYONE...

Anyhoo better get on with the goods. What exactly did end up coming home with us? Unfortunately we ran into a little problem: everything was waaaay over priced! Of course these places were for serious professional antique hunters. For example that framed cafe print above is almost too beautiful for words but as you can see the price tag is at $229. So sadly we had to pass on many many many wares, but the good news is we still found treasure!

Our new beautiful kitchen clock is - I think - a bargain at $25 (or is this only a bargain compared to $229 framed prints??)

Framed Monet prints at $5 each! Yep definitely more sweets to add to my frame collection. And today I found the perfect mistint can of duck egg blue to colour up the frames:

So keep an eye out for when these goodies are up and painted, hopefully by next week the paint gun parts will arrive and I will finally have more pieces to show.

Happy Saturday lovelies, let's make the rest of this weekend count!

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jona said...

LOL!! i luv luv rain's facial expression.. priceless lol

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